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REMINDER:  2005-2006  Registration: Tuesday July 26, & Thursday, July 28

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Dance Attire

Red leotards, pants & tops are dance attire that can only be purchased through the studio.  These could be mandatory for the Parade and any other performance. 

Some type of dance attire and the appropriate shoes are required at EVERY class. Sloppy shirts over baggy shorts, any type of blue jean attire, & inappropriate shoes will not be acceptable.

PLEASE wear your hair pulled back and out of your eyes for class.


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Sherri S. Thompson, Director: (912) 764-2758
Studio Address: 1140 A Hwy 24 E, Statesboro, Ga 30461(across from Mill Creek)
Mailing Address: 929 Brannen Rd, Statesboro Ga 30461
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