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REMINDER:  2005-2006  Registration: Tuesday July 26, & Thursday, July 28

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Parent Information

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Tots, Preschool, Beginner, & Intermediate


      Black Tie-Tap Shoes (sizes 6 1/2 & up in whole and half sizes) : $25  
        Used tap shoes can be purchased (granted we can find your size) for $10


  Black ballet Shoes (sizes 6 1/2 & up in whole and half sizes) $20
        Used ballet Shoes $5+ depending on condition


  Footed Suntan Tights (for tots and preschool) (XSC- 2-4), (SC- 4-6): $10


  Convertible Suntan Tights ( beginner & intermediate) (sizes C S/M, C M/L, A S/M A L/XL) $10

Advance, Pre-teen, & Teen Students

bullet   Black Split- Sole Jazz-Tap shoes (sizes 4-10 in whole and half sizes) $50
        Used Jazz-Tap shoes $20 for split shoes, & $15 for other kinds
bullet  Black Gore Boots (sizes 1-10 in whole & half sizes) $36
        Used Gore boots are available for $15
bullet  Convertible Suntan Tights (sizes C S/M, C M/L, A S/M A L/XL) $10

Recital & Recital Costumes

bullet    Students will have one costume ordered for the recital ranging from $55-$75
bullet    The 2005 recital has been booked and will be Saturday, May 14 at the GSU Performing Arts Center. There will be a ticket price of $8


Attendance is taken in each class, and a special recognition will be given at the end of the year for perfect attendance. 


The Southern Dance Academy does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is REQUIRED that all dancers be covered by their own family insurance policies and if and injury does occur, it is understood that the student's own policy is your ONLY source of reimbursement


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Studio Address: 1140 A Hwy 24 E, Statesboro, Ga 30461(across from Mill Creek)
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